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  • Residential Debt (Foreigner)

Competitive Rate, Fast Closing

We process the loan in an efficient way. Borrowers can get the loan application approved 100% online within 15 minutes.

Online application rate

Transaction close

  • Loan Amount: $100K - $5MM
  • Category: Residential
  • Loan to Cost: Up to 65%
  • Closing: 10 days
  • Rate: 8% - 12%
  • Term: 12-36 months
  • Capital: First Lien


Looking for short-term financing for a property you’re renovating? We offer hard money loans that make funding your deals straightforward and easy.

Reliable Funding

You’ll always be able to say yes to the deals you want with our readily available funding. We have extensive capital already committed from our investors, meaning that we’ll always be ready for your projects.

Streamlined Application

We’ve eliminated unnecessary forms and ask for the least amount of documentation possible to make life easier for you. Plus, you can upload everything online via a secure online portal to avoid worrying about missed emails or lost paperwork.

Predictable Pricing

Our pricing won’t leave you guessing—the criteria will stay the same from deal to deal so that you know what to expect. Interest rates start at 7.5% and typically range from 9 to 12%. You can get your rate online in just 3 minutes.

Transparent Process

You’ll always know where you stand during the application process—from what docs we’ve received to what the next steps are—thanks to your personalized online dashboard. And if you need help along the way, get in touch with your team of loan specialists via phone, email, chat, or text at any time.

More Leverage

With YouLand, it’s easy to get your property purchase and rehab funds in one place. You can take out up to 90% of the total cost of the home’s purchase and 100% of rehab costs, freeing you up to do more deals.

I'm often in a rush to close financing, and when I need to make sure I have the financing I need, fast, I turn to YouLand. It's easy, it's online, it's reliable, it's priced right - it's the
best partner I've found!

Brian M, Berkeley, CA

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