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Rental loan is loan program designated to purchase or refinance rental properties only.

Rates starting at 6.999%
Minimum 600 credit score
Up to 80% LTV
No hard credit pull
Entity and individual borrowers eligible
2-4 unit, condos, townhouses
Flexible terms
We offer 30-year loans with 3 fixed rate options: 5/1, 7/1 and 30.
  • 5/1: years 1-5 fixed rate, years 6-30 adjustable rate, adjusted once per year.
  • 7/1: years 1-7 fixed rate, years 8-30 adjustable rate, adjusted once per year.
  • 30: 30-year fixed rate.
Rental loan FAQ
  • What is a rental loan?
  • Is a rental loan a non-income-checking loan?
  • Do need to provide an appraisal report?
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