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"Hard money" isn't what it sounds.

You don't have to do it the traditional way. With YouLand, "hard money" isn't what it sounds.

No paperwork. No fax machines.

Upload all of your documents to your online dashboard with just the click of a button (or the drag of your mouse).

No guessing.

Your customized dashboard will always tell you where you stand with your loan.

No runaround.

Your dedicated team of loan specialists will always know who you are and will be there for you when you need them via phone, text, chat, or email.

To finance your deal, here are a few things that you’ll need

Please prepare these things when you are considering financing your deal.

Bank Statements

Bank statements from the last few months should show your client can cover down payment and closing costs.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

The agreement states the final sale price and terms of the purchase.

Past projects

This should detail all of the previous fix and flip projects your client has done.

Property documentation

This is all of the information you have about your client’s property.

Application Fee

The $199 application fee covers hard third party costs incurred in underwriting your loan.


You’ll answer questions about your client and the home that’s being purchased.

Rehab Funds

YouLand will hold back your rehab funds until after the renovations are completed.