About Us
The leading lender for real estate investments
What we value the most
YouLand is a customer-first company
We relentlessly work to meet customer needs because we understand that everyone has different needs at different stages in their lives. We never stop making our products better and creating enjoyable experiences for our customers
The key to our business strategy
Minimalism is our philosophy for everything including product development, design and operation. It not only helps us deliver the best possible user experience, but also helps us pass along savings to our customers due to low operating costs
Upending the status quo
We prefer to solve difficult problems by innovating and coming up with bold and forward-looking products and services from scratch. We always try to do the right thing and do things right, not just how they have been done historically
Long-term thinking
We focus on creating long-term value
We would rather sacrifice short-term results in exchange for long-term value creation. We take an owner-oriented mentality for the entire company
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